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Pet Sitting:

Overnights -

With this service I would stay with your pets in your home. This gives them the comfort and security of being in a familiar

 place along with having someone there with them through the



                                     Cost - $85 per night







                                  Daytime Potty Breaks, Playtime and Walks -     

                                  Long work days? I can come by and let your pets out for a

                                  potty break and spend time playing and socializing with


                                  Cost - $25 for a 30 minute visit



                                              $35 for an hour visit




                                    Pick-up Service -           

                                   I am available to pick your pet up from your home and take

                                   them to the vet, groomer, etc.


                                  Cost - $35/hour



                                 Reiki Sessions-

                                 Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful form of healing. It 

                                 can assist with the healing process after surgery, ease pain and

                                  and also help with anxiety and depression.

                                  Cost$65 per session




I am very conscientious when scheduling to never overbook so each pet gets the time and attention they deserve. There are times that I can fill a last minute request, but it is best to plan in advance to be guaranteed a spot on my schedule. It is important that I am able to come to your home to meet you and your pet before you leave for your trip. To set up a meeting call Gretchin DuBose at 828-582-3363.